North Georgia's only commercially 
operated Gold Mine!

We strip mine here on our 100 acre mine and concentrate the gold ore by removing a lot of the dirt so you get gold in every bucket! We have convenient sluices with comfy benches to sit on for your gold mining experience. 

Our trained staff will give you panning lessons if you have never panned before at no extra charge!

Gold Panning at a commercially operating Gold Mine!
Pan for Gold at Gold 'n Gem Grubbin'

Pay by the bucket!

Traditional 1 gal Fine Gold                       $30.00
Picker Nugget Bucket 1 gal Better           $75.00
Paydirt Nugget Bucket 1 gal. Best           $145.00
Size and quantity of gold may vary.
 (photo is not representative of any particular Bucket content)
Order Gold Ore online!
Have gold & gem ore delivered 
right to your door!