Ruby - The Stone of Nobility
Known for passion, protection and prosperity. Promotes a clear mind and sense of self confidence which directs one towards prosperity. Stirs the blood thus increasing desire and romantic energy. In love it is associated with faithful passionate commitment.
*Overcome exhaustion and fatigue, amplifies energy however it can calm hyperactivity. 
Aphrodisiac, allows experiences in all forms of love, heightened awareness and concentration enabling successful endeavors. Banishes nightmares and promotes security and feelings of well-being and safety. 
* Love, Faithfulness, Invigoration, Security, and Peaceful sleep

Emerald - The Stone of Successful Love
Known for hope, renewal, growth, compassion, harmony, healing, commitment and loyalty. This stone promotes great 
vision and intuition and can enhance memory and mental clarity. 
*Revises passion in personal and professional things, attracts romantic love. Promote self esteem and has a calming effect. Encourages artistic creativity, strengthens memory, visionary thoughts and success in business.  
* Regeneration of Body, Mind and Love, Self Confidence, Success

Sapphire - The Stone of Wisdom and Royalty
Instills hope and faith, brings protection, power and strength. Brings good fortune and promotes kindness, insight and wisdom.  Stone of seekers of spiritual truth, healing to the mind, focus and accomplishing goals and ideas. Aids in self discipline and diminishes negative thoughts.  
*Calms and increases focus, releases mental tension and unwanted thoughts, brings joy, love, commitment and fidelity and stimulates the mind and wisdom.

Clear Quartz Crystal - The Living Crystal
It is believed that these crystals can be programmed. It is an amplifier of energies programmed into it, allowing fulfillment of prayers, healing and spiritual growth. Crystals are used to enhance other gemstones properties by amplifying them. Used in healing, meditation, attracting love and prosperity, anything that it can be programmed for. 
*Enhances effects of gemstones, promotes strength and clarity. Aides in concentration and memory, sleep.

Amethyst - The Stone of Sobriety
Used in healing from personal loss and grief. Promotes peace, happiness and emotional stability. It is said Amethyst assists in quitting addictions to alcohol, drugs, smoking etc. and compulsive behaviors. Aides in opening up to spiritual communication as well as with angels. It is a protection stone from unwanted spiritual connections. 
*Aides in healing from loss and grief, promotes peace and happiness.

Rose Quartz - The Stone of the Heart
Promotes love in romance and intimacy as well as family and community. Brings forth compassion and aides in healing and alleviating fears and emotional wounds. Can help restore trust, harmony and unconditional love. Relieves grief and promotes restful sleep. Enhances sensual imagination. Comforting to mothers to be and can be soothing to the baby.
*Love in relationships, romance, sensuality, comfort, alleviates fears, aides with grief and trust.

Citrine - The Merchants Stone
Assists in acquiring wealth and maintaining it. Attracts prosperity, success and generosity. Aides in creativity and imagination. Attracts love and happiness, shields against pettiness. It is good for fresh beginnings. It is energizing and comforting. Aides with hot flashes, fatigue and is good for hair, nails and skin.
*Attracts wealth, love and shields against pettiness. Energizing, comforting and promotes creativity and imagination. 

Apache Tears - The Grounding Stone
Helps in times of sorrow, relieves stress and promotes spontaneity. Protects from negative energies and helps detox the body and calms muscle spasms. Gives a sense of hope. It is grounding and protective. Cleanses negative energies such as anger, jealousy and insecurity.
*Hope, grounding, protection. Relieves sorrow and protects from negative energies. Helps detox the body.

Aquamarine - The Stone of Purity
Calming, soothing, cleansing an inspires the truth. Aides in" letting go". Provides protection and aides in tolerance. Helps when overwhelmed with responsibilities. Aides in recovery from traumatic experiences. Alleviates fear and anger, cleansing of past unpleasant experiences. Empowers.
*Luck, eternal youth, happiness, harmony, commitment, fidelity, cleansing, soothing and calming.

Topaz - The Stone of Truth
Promotes truth and forgiveness. Aides in problem solving, cleanses thoughts, relieves stress. Encourages hope, friendship, truth and happiness. Heightened awareness of spiritual and physical renewal.
*Hope, peace, love, forgiveness and renewal

Smokey Quartz - The Stone of Spiritual Protection
Extremely protective. Rids one of negative energies and turns them into positive ones. Helps with depression and relieves fear and stress. Eases lower back pain and headaches. Brings luck and prosperity.
*Luck, prosperity, protection and grounding. Mood elevating, relieves stress, anger and fear. Comforting and calming. Relieves headaches and back aches.

Calcite - The Stone of the Mind
Promotes emotional expression, healing and creativity. Cleanses negativity and increases memory and learning abilities. Aides in achieving personal goals.
*Memory, healing, creativity. Calming and soothing. Cleansing and stabilizing.

Rutilated Quartz - The Energy Stone
Helps with mental focus and assists in decision making. Attracts love and relationships. Said to diminish fears and eases loneliness. Can help relieve guilt and enhances self confidence. It can help deflect negative energies.
*Can aid with food disorders, immune system, depression, respiratory and invigorates spiritual energy.  

Garnets - The Stone of Physical Love
Promotes creative energy, purification and love. Helps with melancholy and promotes faith and truth. Increase willpower, resists negativity and provides protection and strength. The stone of physical love and relationships as well as psychic protection.
*Reduces toxins and provides physical purification. Protection, calming, love, success and self confidence.

Peridot - The Healer's Stone
Increases confidence and assertiveness. Aides in patience and clarity. Provides protection. Bonds with earth and nature and has very positive effects, energizing.
Prosperity, increases in Money, Spiritually Enhancing. Healing, Happiness and a Positive Outlook.

Tiger's Eye - The Stone of Harmonious Balance 
Provides protection and aides in confidence, positive attitude and mental focus. Promotes commitment and encourages laughter and humor.
* Luck, Creativity, Prosperity, Wealth and Success. Aides in reducing blood pressure.

Moonstone - The Traveler's Stone
Provides protection when traveling away from home. Sooths and calms. Encourages hope, new love, romance, fertility and fidelity. Helps with insomnia.
* Hope, Love, Protection, Romance, Fidelity and Self Confidence

Aventurine - The Stone of Opportunity
Promotes prosperity and wealth. Aides in ceasing old habits. Growth and over all vitality. Helps with clumsiness, sooths quick tempers. Calms stress, inner harmony, grounding.
* Luck, Optimism, Enhances Creativity, Physical regeneration, Love later in life

Chrysoprase - The Stone of Forgiveness 
Promotes love and forgiveness. Elevates feelings of joy and happiness. Relieves depression and anxiety. Promotes hope and compassion, creates feelings of independence.
* Attracts Love, Prosperity, Joy and Happiness, Hormone balance, Healing, Eyes and Eye Site

Blue Apatite - The Motivational Stone
Enhances creativity and problem solving. Associated with animal conservation. Increases motivation, eases sorrow and anger. Eases confusion and aides in intellect and social ease. Improves concentration and memory. 
Hunger Suppressant, raises Metabolism. Reduces Hypertension, reduces Sorrow and Anger. Aides in Creativity and Soothes Headaches

Kyanite - The Stone of Connection
Aides in repairing damaged relationships. Helps reduce negativity and promotes logic. Aides in recovery from addictions and curbing tempers. Helps deal with grief and letting go. A cleansing stone that can help clear other stones. It is said that to remember something forgotten, touch a Kyanite to the center of ones brow.
* Relationships, Loyalty, Calming, Trust, Patience, Faith, Cheerfulness, Reduces Negativity

Leopard Skin Agate - The Stone of Abundance
Brings forth energy of abundance which leads to success. Enhances creativity and connecting with spirit guides and the animal world. Helps resolve old issues and moving forward. Reduces the need for harsh self judgment and releases conflicts.
Boosts Self Confidence, Calms, Forgiveness of ones self and others. Diminish Negative emotions of Hate and Anger

Pyrite - The Stone of Protection
Protection from negative energies and harm. Encourages independence and self esteem. Boosts creativity.
Protection, Vitality, Relieves Anxiety, Aides in Insight into others, Clarity and Focus. Commitment and Perseverance

Mica - The Stone of Tolerance
Diminishes anger and hostility. Eliminates negativity Aides in tolerance and insomnia. Stabilizes emotions. Reflect ability promotes clarity and flexibility of emotions mind and body.
Reduces hunger, Energy, Purpose, Uplifting, Clarity, Eases Anger and Rage.

Aides in self discovery as well as self awareness and discipline. Helps to open to developing intuition. Aides in
developing psychic abilities, strong insightfullness. Helps with communication and conveying your thoughts.
*Strengthens psychic abilities and intuition.

Bloodstone- The Sun Stone
Protective and nurturing, stands for life and birth. Aides in vitality, passion, courage and strength. Regarded as a noble stone and since biblical times it is said that the red dots in Bloodstone are from the droplets of blood from Christ.  Deters bullying enhances mental clarity, stimulates dreaming and intuition, energy, endurance, self worth and self confidence.
*Aides in preventing bullying verbal and physical, promotes self confidence and stimulates the mind.

Black Tourmaline
Repels, blocks and removes negative energies. Cleanses, purifies and lightens. Helps with negativity, frequent worrying and OCD.  Increases physical vitality.  Helpful with illnesses of the lungs.
*Aides in relieving stress and over worrying, calms and relaxes

*This information is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice and care.

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