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Here at Gold n Gem Grubbin you can pan for gold and screen for gemstones in our convenient sluices sitting comfortably under shade trees with a view of our 7 acre lake. Our trained staff will teach you the art of gold panning just like the old timers did it!
We'll be close by to help you identify your gemstones and evaluate them for cutting. You will be pleasantly surprised as you hunt for your treasure by our "Gems of the World" concept. Your success is guaranteed!

Ya'll ever wanted to pan your own gold and gemstones, right where the old timers fought off the Cherokee Indians in the early 1800's? Come enjoy the fascinating history of our country's first major GOLD RUSH.

Did you know that more gold was mined in North Georgia than was mined during the subsequent California Gold Rush of 1849?
Featured on the Travel Channel's show "Cash & Treasures! 
Watch the show here!
Celebrating our 30th Anniversary!
A Real Mining Adventure!
North Georgia's only commercially 
operating Gold Mine!
Mine Gold & Gems
By the Bucket or Right in the Creek!
Custom Jewelry
Have your "finds" cut & set in custom
Gold & Sterling Silver Jewelry!
As Seen On Discovery's Travel Channel 

the mine
North Georgia's only commercially operating